Precision Milled Wood Strips ...

Milled wood strips for the model shipbuilder and hobbyist including Boxwood, Swiss Pear, Cherry, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Walnut.

If you have always used the wood supplied with kits, our strip wood is a great way to experience some of these fantastic woods that are precisely milled.  Just replace your hull or deck planking with one of these woods.  Our most popular wood is boxwood.

We are just getting started.  We will be adding new wood species as time passes.  

Scroll down to see some of our popular wood strip sizes and pricing. 

Contact Joe to place an order

All of our milled strips are 14" long although we may have some stock on hand for longer lengths.  Let us know what you need.

Every order is custom milled so send me a list of the strips and sizes you need.

We are currently milling Boxwood, Cherry and Alaskan Yellow Cedar strips for your model project.

We will email you with a price including shipping costs and notify you when your order is completed and shipped.  Payment can be sent via PayPal before we begin cutting your order. 

All strips are sold in packages like the popular sizes listed below.  Because there are an infinite number of sizes that can be milled, contact us for the other sizes you don't see listed below.  These are our popular sizes and prices just to give you an idea what to expect.

All Boxwood strip packages are $6.50
All Swiss Pear strip packages are $6.50
All Cherry strip packages are $3.50
All Alaskan Yellow Cedar strip packages are $4.00
All Walnut strip packages are $3.50

1:48 scale model planked and built using our Boxwood Strips and Sheets.